Thursday, December 28, 2006

If you aint Texan you aint sheet

Big White Hat posted an article “Above and Beyond” (linked via title bar) where he mentioned the fact that Texans tend to show their pride abundantly, more so than most. I have friend who has fun with the language, transforming simple words like “sheet” into challenges that can only be completed by stepin’ out back; if you get my drift.

My daughter had the bathroom in her apartment saturated with Texas; the floor mat, the shower curtain and even the little hooks that hold the shower curtain on the rod. It was awesome; made me remember ‘bout the feller moved to Texas from Oklahoma. “Okay, so I wern’t born in Texas; but I got here quick as I could.” You don’t hear folks up in New Jersey sayin’ things like that; heck, most folks in New Jersey are lookin’ fer a way to get out of there; no disrespect intended, just facts.

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