Monday, January 07, 2008

Crank Up the Volume

I wanted to relax a bit as I read a few articles, left comments here and there and generally wound down for the evening. I put my iTunes on in the background, found a favorite selection of Bach as performed by Ton Koopman and cranked up the volume; first having isolated myself from the rest of the house with a good set of headphones. I’m sure the decibel range is well within the danger zone for persons wearing headphones; truth be known, I’d prefer to be sitting in the den with my surround sound speakers hooked up to our really awesome stereo watching the walls bend as the music flowed through at levels which might cause seismic tremors as far away as California.

I find order in the universe through the music of Bach, deep trembling melodic structure coupled with dexterity and creative harmony. Some poor freshman is sitting in Music Appreciation 101 wondering how much longer he/she must endure and here I sit in my easy chair wallowing hip deep in Bach.

Here are some interesting reads, places I found informed and thoughtfully gathered facts or discussions worth pondering. Dana over at Principled Discovery, not her “fluff blog” site; the other site where she gets heavily into Home Schooling and Parental Rights. She has a good discussion going about defining things like education, home schooling and vouchers.

Tony who writes A Red Mind in a Blue State has a political Geiger Counter of sorts, one which might be helpful for those yet to align themselves with any particular presidential candidate. The article is called, Who Do You Really Like? I already knew my leanings were toward Hunter or Thompson; this information was verified by the test offered.

Jay at Stop the ACLU posted regarding Rush Limbaugh’s “quiet” and as yet unconfirmed support for Thompson with a video/article, …If You Are Looking For A True Conservative….

The kinks in my neck are getting a good work out now; oh that feels soooo good, thirty minutes into this wonderful keyboard smorgasbord by Koopman at the Orgelwerke. There is something about the grandeur of mankind which can only be brought out by a cathedral organ. Is it any wonder the Mormons built their Tabernacle in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains after being evicted from Missouri under threat of death and made sure to include such a magnificent instrument? Heaven and Earth can be combined with the help of a good organist.

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