Tuesday, January 01, 2008

When a Mouse was a Mouse

I grabbed this picture out from the past, Lucy with her high school friend Phyllis standing behind a table full of goodies on New Year’s Eve. We’d invited a few folks over to have a quiet evening to bring in the New Year after which we planned to jump in our Triumph GT-6 sports car and drive to San Antonio to watch the sun rise, grab breakfast on the River Walk and drive back home; young kids at heart with no reason not to.

The party was quietly flat until one of the cats brought a mouse from outside to play with under the table. Lucy was mortified watching what she thought would be the destruction of our festivities; instead everyone bolted upright and took in the event. The mouse proved that versatility along with sheer panic will prolong life. The chase sequence didn’t last that long; but everyone had a great time cheering for the mouse to win.

The other pictures were taken from the 5th floor Men’s Jail where I worked a short rotation in 1972. The parking lot where my green Triumph GT-6 sat once belonged to the Dr Pepper bottling facility and served as part of the employee parking area across the street from 61 Reisner where the Houston Police headquarters building was located.

The uniform of that period was a slate blue long sleeve shirt with silver detachable buttons. Lucy would “prepare” my shirts each afternoon before I got ready for work. These shirts were custom fitted and had to be dry cleaned but looked great in spite of their being rather warm to wear year round. About a year later the Department switched to the light blue polyester and cotton uniform shirts.

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