Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aroma or Odor

Last night we were awakened by the strong odor of skunk. It was overpowering to the point of wondering if the dogs in our back yard might have cornered one and gotten sprayed. It was intense and long lasting and while I never arose from my partial slumbers the idea occurred to me that in the morning I might be faced with bathing the dogs. When the sun came up there wasn’t even a hint of skunk odor; something of a curiosity and welcome none the less.

The front which pushed through the night before bringing thunderstorms, wind and rain brought us clear blue skies and cooler temperatures. I decided to get the yard work done early while it was very comfortable. The edging and mowing came out great and the smell of freshly cut grass is something of an aphrodisiac which permits my mind to wander. Add to that Ligustum starting to bloom with its overpowering sweetness and some folks come up short for breath. I watched as bees took advantage of the pollen; flying more slowly, their bodies encumbered heavily in the yellow dust.

We pick up various smells, some we call odors while the more pleasant are aromas. Every now and then I’ll find myself in an old stairway; an office building, apartment or any place where dust and age have altered the air in such a way as to create a certain whiff of air, a memory triggered from long ago, a hint of something most pleasant. There I am, a young boy in my grandparent’s apartment building playing on the stairs or even just walking up to visit them. There was an odor of stale air mixed with years of accumulated dust which got magically transformed into an aroma, no longer stale air but a time machine mechanism which brings a quiet smile to my soul.

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