Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Real Reason Sean Bell Died

The trial of three police officers charged with murdering Sean Bell is over and now the “race pimps” are getting up to speed as they attempt to justify their moments in front of the microphones and cameras. Not that anyone is paying attention; but why should it be a surprise to anyone that certain life style choices set Sean Bell’s tragedy in motion?

"What we saw in court today was not a miscarriage of justice," the Rev. Al Sharpton said on his radio program.

"Justice didn't miscarry," he said. "This was an abortion of justice. Justice was aborted."

"Sharpton, who has been advising Bell's family, had called for calm Wednesday."

That’s right Rev. Sharpton, lead your flock into believing that all this happened because there is no justice for the Black man in America, the police always get away with killing innocent Blacks; isn’t that the message you’re selling? Never mind teaching folks that staying out all night in a stripper club, drinking heavily, taking illegal drugs, acting a fool in public might cause issues which a smarter person would try to avoid.

I’m not saying Sean Bell went to that strip club to feast on seductive women taking their clothing off to the beat of wild music, or that he ever took a sip of alcoholic beverage, that there was even the hint of illegal drugs or that getting up in someone’s face to pick a fight at four in the morning is a fool’s game; no, I’m sure none of that could be part of the reason for Sean Bell’s unfortunate exit from this planet. It’s those trigger happy cops fault.

"This case was not about justice," declared Leroy Gadsden, chair of the police/community relations committee of the Jamaica Branch NAACP. "This case was about the police having a right to be above the law. If the law was in effect here, if the judge had followed the law truly, these officers would have been found guilty.

"This court, unfortunately, is bankrupt when it comes to justice for people of color."

“Now there ya’ go again.”, as Sam McCloud would say in the television series. Playing the race card instead of looking at the real issue, life style choices; that’s right, life style choices killed Sean Bell. Not too long ago the Black community got all over Bill Cosby for telling folks, Black folks, to shape up and be better people; how dare a Black man take up against his own race?

What I’m saying has nothing to do with race; it has everything to do with character development and learning how to live in such a way as to be worthy of the title American citizen. It involves self control, morality and good judgment; things which are supposed to be taught at HOME; but have been turned over to the “village”, places like the public schools where any hint of religion and morals is against the law.

This ought to really make a few folks angry; but where’s the indignation from the grieving “almost Mrs. Bell”? She must have been thrilled to learn how her future husband spent the night before their wedding getting an eyeful at a strip club, staying up all hours drinking milk shakes and playing chess with his good friends. “But that’s just part of the ritual, the bachelor party thing”, sorry; but that just doesn’t cut it. My guess is that if the cops hadn’t shot Sean at four in the morning, Nicole Paultre Bell would have as soon as she found out where he’d been all night.

Last on my list of the real reason Sean Bell is dead would have to be the lame excuse from his surviving buddies, the part where they claim not to have heard the police warning them to stop. They claim they never heard police identify themselves. Hey, I wasn’t there that night; maybe men with badges and guns is a regular scam at the particular night club. How’s this for stupidity, yes, stupidity; when a police officer has a gun aimed at you and says, “Put your hands up”, or words to that regard, do like the nice man says or you might get shot.

Show me how these thoughts are racist on my part; you can’t because they apply to everyone regardless of the color of skin. You want to blame the corrupt police who you say are “above the law”, the “bankrupt court” system; go ahead and keep trying to convince yourselves it’s that way. Keep spreading that manure around the neighborhood so your young people will learn how to doubt the most basic foundations of our society; make sure they never learn to be responsible for their actions while you’re at it. This is working out just peachy, wouldn’t you agree?

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