Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What has this to do with Drunk Driving?

I was driving down the freeway and caught this billboard out of the corner of my eye; at first not able to make out the images. Upon recognizing a revolver and what appeared to be blood splatters I then read the message, “When will your luck run out? Drive Responsibly.”

I honestly thought the warning had to do with road rage or something to do with gang violence since this is the time of year when new gang members are challenged during their initiation process. If that doesn’t scare the begeebers out of you nothing will.

I went back with my digital camera and took the picture while out working on some locksmith jobs just before the rains quieted my work down to zilch. Upon getting back to my computer I did some research on the billboard; turns out it’s a joint effort by CBS, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and our local law enforcement organizations.

“The law agencies and MADD held a "Fatality Crash Reduction Campaign" news conference Friday at the Beth Yeshurun cemetery. The campaign will include unmarked police vehicles equipped with radar and video to aggressively search for drunk drivers.”

Maybe the message is a little fuzzy; either that or policy has changed on how the Department gets DWI suspects off the road, “Hey you, yea you, the one in the car weaving all over the road; your luck’s run out!” Kablam! Kablam!” I guess I retired way too soon to join in this new enforcement technique for removing problem drivers. Don’t get even, get MADD!

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