Saturday, April 12, 2008

Visit to Minute Maid Park

Last night we went to watch the Astros play the Marlins, sitting in the nose bleed section right behind home plate. We had a good time, as did the Marlin hitters; knocking 6 home runs, one of which left the ball park and was last seen headed over the railroad tracks and into the parking lot.

I had a very young child sitting behind me at the start of the game. He must want to be a drummer as he steadily kicked the back of my chair with his feet. I turned to him and explained the rules of the game, “You can only kick the back of my chair when the Astros score a run. Is that understood?” Nobody had ever explained the rules to him and he was more than happy to go along with a crazy old coot; his mother smiled at the simple solution which she had tried and failed.

A lady with a camera came by and took our photograph, handed us a card which explained how we could obtain a copy by visiting the website. I thought the picture was okay; but I can think of better things to do with my money, thanks but no thanks. I like the snap shot taken by a total stranger waiting to leave the upper deck stairs who used Bonnie’s camera.

Around the fourth inning I bought a round of soda, only cost me $21; Lucy’s diet Dr Pepper, Bonnies Coke and William and I each had regular Dr Pepper. Just think how much a dog or burger would have cost. We’d purchased our own peanuts prior to going and snuck them into the stadium since importing your own food violates the concept of highway robbery at the hands of vendors.

Friday games have the added bonus of a fireworks display after the game, regardless of which team wins. There had been a cool front push through and the air was perfect for the roof to be open all during the game, half a moon shown above as they turned off the field lights.

One last observation, something I’d not seen before at any ballgame. We were about ready to head for the exit as the smoke from the fireworks cleared, just about the time this photograph was taken when I watched two young college age folks picking up the trash around their seats. They had a couple of cardboard trays with empty food wrappers and wanted to deposit them in the nearest trash bin. What a neat concept, cleaning up your own mess; don’t think it will catch on, all the same they get extra points for sticking out in the crowd.

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