Friday, July 11, 2008

Dumber Than Dirt

Some stories that come across the wire make you wonder how folks this sensitive are able to make it through the day; referring to a full blow snit thrown in a Dallas County Commissioner’s meeting because someone said the county's collections office was like a certain astronomical phenomenon.

"It sounds like Central Collections has become a black hole," Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said during the Monday meeting.

“One black official demanded an apology, and Commissioner John Wiley Price, who also is black, said that type of language is unacceptable.”

If this weren’t enough they went on to include other grievances which had bothered them, things like Angel’s Food Cake, which obviously is white, and Devil’s Food Cake which is obviously evil and black; I’m not making this up folks.

Do you remember a children’s book, Little Black Sambo? If you recall, the little boy, who happened to be black, out witted the tigers and, if memory serves, ended up eating a stack of pancakes that looked remarkably like the tigers. I thought it was a compliment to the little black boy for being so smart; but the politically correct crowd got the book banned from schools for being racially insensitive. The book is available for purchase on the internet; you just won’t see it in the public school’s library.

It’s gotten to the point where politically correctness requires throwing away any and all reference to color, regardless of common sense and intelligence. It’s my opinion the councilmen in Dallas haven’t got the good sense God gave a door knob. You could say they were dumber than dirt; but that might be taken as a racial slur depending on what color dirt, red clay in Georgia, dark brown potting soil or any number of shades that conjure up “off white” and must therefore be assumed to be a skin tone issue.

To my friends and associates, those who have skin color of varying shades; I hope you have the good sense to laugh with me as we watch the circus act in ring two. One last insensitivity for that fellow up in Dallas, “You couldn’t find Uranus with a telescope!”

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