Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Percent of Drivers Ticketed Were American Citizens

I read an article in the Houston Chronicle which expressed concern that roughly 25% of drivers stopped in the Austin area didn’t have insurance. I went through the entire article and not once did it mention or reference how many of those stopped were not American Citizens; more precisely, how many of those stopped were actually illegal aliens.

If we’re going to be upfront about the issues, why ignore one of the largest contributing factors? The fact that no mention was made of the illegal alien status of many drivers on the roads, their being without sufficient funds to purchase insurance and their attempts to avoid being detected; makes me wonder why such an important piece of information wasn’t included in the article.

Could it be an attempt to sweep the illegal alien issue under the rug rather than admit the huge number of tickets issued for not having insurance might be related? A few of the folks commenting to the original article had the good sense to read between the lines and ask; why didn’t Clay Robinson, the fellow who works for the Houston Chronicle and wrote the article?

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