Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Way We Planned It

Lucy and I will be out of town celebrating our 37th anniversary this weekend. Hard to believe so much time has gone by; seems like it was only a blink when we were being interviewed by the pastor the day before the actual wedding. Presnel Woods was his name; hope I spelled his name right, not exactly a house hold word, that was the only time I met the fellow seeing as it was the church Lucy’s folks went to at the time.

We went over important issues like, love, honor, obey, commitment, seeing past faults and stuff like that. Then we talked about the actual wedding ceremony; the music, who would be involved, where to stand and all. We both were plenty nervous about getting everything done right when the pastor said something that has stayed with me all these years.

“What ever happens; that’s the way we planned it.”

If we both tripped going up the isle and landed on our duffs; that’s the way we planned it. Nothing like that happened and we got hitched prim and proper in front of family and friends.

This weekend we’ll be flying up to New York where the only thing planned is taking in a game at Yankee Stadium. I’d mentioned our intentions to visit the Big Apple to Tony, Red Mind In A Blue State, several months ago and how we wanted to watch the Yankees before the old stadium was torn down in favor of the new one.

The last time I attended a game at Yankee Stadium was in 1961, the same year Roger Maris broke the Babe’s record with number 61. My dad took me and a friend and we sat up in the nose bleed section and watched Mickey Mantle hit his 54th home run; I thought it was #53; but was told my memory isn’t that good.

Tony told us not to worry about purchasing tickets to the game, that he’d find them through his many business contacts, folks who have company seats at the stadium. A huge thank you to Tony and who ever donated the tickets; if you haven’t figured out how A-Rod gets paid, just look up the price of seating at Yankee Stadium. I didn’t want to buy the seat and take it home, only wanted to sit in it to watch one game.

Nothing else is planned, and, who knows, it could rain and the game get cancelled. I’m sure we’ll figure out something even if we just ride the subway to and from the stadium, go inside to walk the halls and take pictures of that historic baseball edifice. My folks sent us a check to spend on a couple of dogs and some soda; think I’ll pass on the dogs (see picture) There are plenty of places to eat and act like tourists so, what ever happens, that’s the way we planned it.

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