Monday, July 07, 2008

Must be from France

I had a job at the airport a while ago; fellow left his keys down in Costa Rica. The vehicle was on the roof top parking of Terminal E, the international departure and arrival area. The vehicle was parked exactly where he said it would be as I positioned my service truck in front of it.

My customer was late in meeting so I stood around watching airplanes take off and various folks coming and going from the elevators; every now and again I’d wave at the security cameras positioned all over the place. There was a crew picking up trash going down each isle and they looked over toward me wondering why I was just standing around in the middle of the roof; most folks wanting to watch airplanes would have gone over to the edge for a better vantage point.

I got a kick out of one couple as they got off the elevator, bags in tow on a Smarte-Cart. The young man had a small carry on style bag with wheels while the young woman had the cart full of luggage. I commented to them, in a laughing way, that he had it all figured out on getting the woman to do most of the work.

They smiled and nodded, then stopped at a sport utility vehicle parked directly across from where I was standing. It was then I noticed the skimpy white summer lounging outfit; calling it a dress would imply more material, it was more like something you’d see worn around the pool after a nice swim. The very shapely young woman with a nice tan was wearing black thong underwear, clearly visible through the airy material.

They saved me a lot of money; now I don’t need to travel all the way to France, having had a view of their beaches imported for inspection. Terminal E parking gave me a chance to see the world, a pleasant view of foreign customs and social graces.

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