Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Schultz, “I know nothing, noth--ing!”

Remember the television sit-com about a German prisoner of war camp, Hogan’s Heroes? There was an inept rotund guard named Shultz; his comic line in most episodes came out, “I know nothing, noth--ing!” It didn’t matter how much evidence was in view, “I know nothing, noth--ing!.”

It may well be that Schulz has a relative working as a scientist. There’s a news story on the FoxNews site by Jeanna Bryner, Huge Volcanoes May Be Erupting Under Arctic Ice.

“Hidden 2.5 miles (4,000 meters) beneath the Arctic surface, the volcanoes are up to a mile (2,000 meters) in diameter and a few hundred yards tall.”


“With news this week that polar ice is melting dramatically, underwater Arctic pyrotechnics might seem like a logical smoking gun.”

Remember Schultz, the inept rotund guard who couldn’t see holes cut in the floor where prisoners of war came and went as they pleased, “I know nothing, noth--ing!”; that Schultz? Schultz, played by John Banner, was constantly encountering evidence that the inmates of his Stalag prison camp were planning mayhem, and he was aware that he would be better off if he pretended ignorance.

“Scientists don't see any significant connection, however.” ( “I know nothing, noth--ing!” )

"We don't believe the volcanoes had much effect on the overlying ice," Reeves-Sohn told LiveScience, "but they seem to have had a major impact on the overlying water column."

“The eruptions discharge large amounts of carbon dioxide, helium, trace metals and heat into the water over long distances, he said.”

Apparently certain “scientists” would rather blame the melting ice in the Arctic on man made climate change rather than heat produced from undersea volcanoes. “I know nothing, noth--ing!” It’s not the volcanoes making the ice melt, it’s the hot water under the ice; totally unrelated to the volcanoes. “I know nothing, noth--ing!”

Here’s a neat experiment; put a tray of ice cubes on top of a stove and crank it up until the coils get nice and hot. When the ice melts look around to see if there are incandescent light bulbs in use or those new eco-friendly florescent bulbs, see if there’s a hybrid vehicle parked in the driveway or an SUV, radiant barrier insulation in the attic or any number of environmentally correct solutions to climate change. Last on that list of things to check, rest your hand in the middle of red hot element of the stove.

“Damn, that’s hot!”

It’s no wonder either, this house is much warmer because these folks have done nothing to curtail their use of petroleum products, nothing to save electricity by switching to more efficient light bulbs which make everything look yellowish green, nothing to keep that ice from melting so quickly. Science has proven once again that man is responsible for the destruction of the earth in all its glory.

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