Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for Hobo Kitties

We’re finding quite a bit of joy in watching the personalities of the Hobo Kitties as they grow individually. This morning we captured Brother hiding in what at one time was our tomato garden; now covered in Wandering Jew until such time as we replant.

Lucy happened to look out the door and saw Princess up on the protective fence around the tomato garden, one that never did all that much protecting; but it looked impressive. Princess was curious about the wind chimes; except when someone appears at the back door they know “good things happen”, dinner, treats or a scratch behind the ear.

We also got a good snap shot of Head Buttr’, also known as Cousin 1. Her sister, Cousin 2, stays out of reach until the Giants, that’s us, go back inside. At that time Cousin 2 darts back and forth looking for a chance to grab a treat only to find there are none left. Head Buttr’ likes to coral Princess or Brother; but has to keep a safe distance from the other Hobo Kitties as they tend to have short tempers.

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