Saturday, March 27, 2010

2nd Amendment Coin Flipping Contest

Anyone who thinks the Heller decision in which SCOTUS ruled against the District of Columbia and in favor of an individual’s right to bear arms, unconnected with association to militias, was in anyway finalized, is living in fantasy land; not the United States of America. The right to bear arms keeps on going and going in the courts as well as individual state legislatures.

I’ll start with the never ending saga out of D.C. , those thugs who refuse to acknowledge an individual’s God given right to defend property and life through the use of modern day weapons.

“In a 30 page opinion U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina upheld D.C. regulations. Mr. Heller and his team had challenged the rules governing registration as well as prohibitions on assault weapons and the lovely sounding "large capacity ammunition feeding devices.”’

In essence U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina has gone along with the D.C. city council’s opinion that anything other than a revolver or bolt action rifle/shotgun are to be considered military/police only type weapons and not protected as a God given right for individuals under the 2nd Amendment. This is the same city council which came up with their own interpretation of the basic right to even own a revolver, rifle or shotgun; they basically outlawed ownership of any such weapon within their “crime free” city.

Why doesn’t it surprise anyone that a corrupt government entity wouldn’t want individuals owning modern efficient weapons capable of warding off corrupt government representatives? It’s a certainty; corrupt government officials would have access to modern efficient weapons, tyrannical representatives intent on depriving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of individuals defending themselves from corrupt government representatives. One purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to defend against all enemies of liberty, foreign and domestic.

Now for a flip of that same 2nd Amendment coin there’s an article out of Arizona which makes it clear that adults in that state have the God given right to carry a concealed weapon on their person.

“HB 2347, given preliminary House approval Thursday, removes all the criminal penalties that now exist for having a weapon in a purse, under a jacket or tucked into a boot without having a state-issued permit. That permit requires (d) certain training and a background check.”

The Arizona legislature has gone a step further, “…the Senate separately voted to say that any gun which is manufactured in Arizona and sold within this state is exempt from federal firearms regulations. Backers say SB 1098 is designed to be a preemptive strike against possible future efforts by the federal government to impose new restrictions on firearms ownership.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration revived a bid to turn U.S. gun control over to the U.N. , something which has been an ongoing resolve of the progressive movement so we can become one big happy family with the world. One of the expressed goals of the U.N. is to make sure that the only folks who have any weapons would be the U.N. ; essentially doing away with the 2nd Amendment.

It boils down to a simple thought; are we, as Americans, to trust our founding documents which protect individual rights from oppressive government usurpation, documents inspired by our Creator, or are we to turn over our government and our God given rights to anyone, foreign or domestic, who would ignore those documents and our God? I suppose such a statement makes my stand on the so called “separation of church and state” fairly transparent.

I’m not saying the Obama administration or the Democrat controlled House and Senate are evil; just that they do not appear to be working toward legislation which favors individual God given rights. It’s time we showed them the door and asked them to leave the workings of our government to someone else, folks who understand how precious and fragile the balance is between liberty and tyranny.

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smacklin said...

"I’m not saying the Obama administration or the Democrat controlled House and Senate are evil"

I am.

T. F. Stern said...

smacklin ( or anyone else who happens to have the same basic comment );

I was doing my level best to be diplomatic; my own feelings are that the folks who pushed most of the last years legislation through, TARP and Health Care Reform at the top, are marching to Satan's bidding and are therefore evil by definition.

MK said...

It's something that'll never change TF. The fascist left will never accept the right of a human to defend themselves.

No matter how many die under their totalitarian laws, they'll never change their minds, as far as they are concerned, they'd rather see you and your family tied up, shot in the head like animals than let you even have a chance of preventing it.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, So true, a shame; but true.

smacklin said...


I was fairly certain that you agreed with that assessment. I have simply reached the point where I no longer feel any need to be diplomatic.

In any compromise between good and evil, evil wins.

We have compromised too much and been too diplomatic.