Monday, March 29, 2010

Christian or Muslim News Coverage

A couple of stories this morning give a glimpse of how the news media portray dangerous factions of society. See if you can figure out the bias as the details are brought out.

Michigan Christian Militia Group Charged with Police-Killing Plot , an AP headline followed by:

“Nine suspects tied to a Christian militia in the Midwest are charged with conspiring to kill police officers, then attack a funeral in the hopes of killing more law enforcement people, federal prosecutors said Monday.”

The article went on to name the faction Christian group Hutaree, obviously one of the right wing terrorist groups mentioned recently. I do have a question, exactly what crime was committed or is it now permissible to arrest American citizens for thinking about committing a crime; you know, like in the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise?

“We’ve seen the enemy and they is us”, no that’s from the comic strip Pogo; I’ll have a report on the exact charges soon. I’m sure it will include “assault weapons and large stockpiles of ammunition”; but let’s wait until the smoke clears. They need to get Janet Reno out of retirement and just burn ‘em out like they did in Waco.

I found it interesting how Good Morning America’s website claimed to have linked the Hutaree Christian terrorist group with anti-Muslim rhetoric and threats; can’t have anyone in America making threats against Obama’s friends so that would explain the FBI getting involved.

I seem to recall reading about the Hutaree militia group; I think it was in Luke, or it might have been in Mark. The exact scripture will come to me later; something about keeping your AR-15 well oiled and fully loaded when Jesus comes. Well, it was something like that, might have been a grenade launcher instead of an AR-15; that all depends on whether you use the King James Version or the Hutaree New and Infused Version of the Bible. Does it really matter; every right wing Christian secretly is plotting to overthrow the government.

The other AP story in today’s headlines, Homicide Bombers Kill 38 on Moscow Subway . That had me wondering, “What kind of folks strap on explosives and detonate themselves with the intent of taking out as many innocent civilians as possible?”

The answer was given; but not exactly in clear and understandable English. The AP preferred to use coded text rather than come right out and say, “Muslim Terrorists”; instead these were “rebels from the restive Caucasus region that includes Chechnya”. I like that “restive region”; sounds like a vacation poster slogan instead of an area of the world infested with Muslim Terrorists who have declared war on infidels where ever they might be.

Just a bit further into the article:

“The head of Russia's main security agency said preliminary investigation places the blame on rebels from the restive Caucasus region that includes Chechnya, where separatists have fought Russian forces since the mid-1990s.”

That really clears things up, “separatists”; well why didn’t you say so? You should hear the music from the Wizard of Oz playing as you enter the Emerald City, the door keeper stroking his mustache as you get a glimpse of the Horse of a Different Color.

If you managed to weed through the exhaustive piece you might actually find a mild reference to Muslim Terrorists:

“Russian police have killed several Islamic militant leaders in the North Caucasus recently, including one last week in the Kabardino-Balkariya region. The killing of Anzor Astemirov was mourned by contributors to two al-Qaida-affiliated Web sites.”

Maybe it’s just me, being one of those right wing Christians with a concealed handgun permit just waiting for my opportunity to blast away from my easy chair while listening to Rush, Hannity or Beck; but has the news media forgotten how to report evenly and without prejudice or have they refused to do their job since being purchased by the Obama administration?

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal , a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution”.


Peter said...

I don't think the media are purchased, nor have they forgotten anything. I think they're "true believers" in global socialism. They see themselves as part of the super-intelligent elite that will rule under the NWO. They went into that busines in the first place to advance that agenda--and it has nothing to do with reporting.

T. F. Stern said...

Peter, Whether we say they have been purchased or they have bought into the socialist agenda really is about the same except that your statement is more accurate; they didn't have to be bought, having been in league with the progressive movement for as long as there has been a socialist movement. Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa Renee said...

That's a copy of the federal indictment - I have not finished reading all of it yet but thought you might be interested in it.

T. F. Stern said...

Lisa Renee, Thanks for the additional information. Having glanced it over I continue to ask, What laws have they Broken? They have the right to assemble, even if it is to play army soldier; not much different than paint ball warriors who meet and have a good time shooting each other with paint instead of bullets. If they own those weapons legally they have the right to practice shooting them.

I am not blind to the issue of this group being dangerous in the future; however, until they actually cross the line and injure somebody, what law have they broken?

The probligo said...

Thanks for posting this TF. I was lying in bed just a few minutes back (6a.m.) listening to the news and the thought crossed my mind; how would TF see the Tchetchian fight for freedom from communism?.

Now that you have told me, I know that muslims fighting communist oppression are "part of a movement to world domination".

In the US, it is not acceptable to stop the commission of a crime. What would you have done, TF, if you were still on the Force and had heard of a plan to take out three of your co-workers?


T. F. Stern said...

I just hit the link to the original AP story and they have altered the headline, Where it once read "Christian Militia" it now has removed the word Christian. Isn't that nice!

Starsplash said...

Oi-vey! I used to think 30 years ago that an ounce of I think that is all crap. We might as well eat dirt and get it over with.

When I was a child and a young man prevention was all I would think of, now that I am fifty I realize what a foolish way that is. There is no way to intervene in this country without violationg the very foundation of it, the constitution. I wish the rest of this severly choked world would get that through their solid 'bone heads'.

Thanks T.F. for the propper assesment.

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, So you were wondering how I'd reply when two Muslim Terrorist women, obviously trying to get out of the oppression of communism, fighting the Red Army... What A CROCK! These two Muslim Terrorists blew themselves up in a crowded train, they were not fighting communism, they were killing innocent civilians who were on their way to work, shopping or going home.

Why do you even bother asking what I thought.

As for the issue of dangerous folks planning a crime, it has to go a lot further than what the news reported. Just meeting as a group is not against the law, even when that group is a bunch of whacko survivalists. The news made a big deal out of their supposed intended targets; but making vague threats as opposed to very specific threats is a whole different ball of wax.

If they made a direct threat toward a specific person or group then a violation of law has taken place; however if they just say they hate Muslims or Cops, well, lots of folks hate Muslims and lots of folks say they hate cops.

If we arrested everyone who didn't like progressives, conservatives, and independents there would be nobody left.

MK said...

The fact that the msm refused to mention islam and muslim in the bombing in Russia proves my point about the hatred of Christianity and law abiding Christians that infects the liberal world.

I believe our response to such stories by the msm should be, as i posted at my blog, First of all, no one should be breaking the law, be they Christian or liberal. But…. I think stories like this will serve to further the agendas of liberal racists who only want to demonize Christianity and target peaceful Christians. Christianity is a religion of peace and the actions of a few loners should not be a trigger to smear all law-abiding and peaceful Christians. As president obama would say, we shouldn’t rush to judge, so I believe liberals should follow his example and refrain from passing judgment and inciting their followers to attack peaceful Christians.

In fact, I think that spreading stories like this only serves to fuel hatred of Christianity among liberal racists and may even cause some Christians to radicalize when faced with this us-and-them mentality and anti-Christian hostility from liberals. Personally I believe that if liberal leaders were to leave their unwarranted phobia and dislike of Christianity behind and come out to remind their followers to reach out and respect Christians and their beliefs instead of demonizing them, this would go a long way to heal past wounds and injustices perpetrated by liberals. Thank you.

MK said...

And if anyone is looking for a real cult of death, evil and mayhem look no further than these -

Taospark said...

Well, the Moscow bombings aren't really about religion. The female bomber who killed dozens didn't do so because she hated the Eastern Orthodox church; it was because she blamed them for her husband's death (who was a terrorist).

The Chechnyan issue is complex because while most of the region is Muslim, it's evenly split between those who want to separate and those who wish to stay with Russia - many of whom are Muslim.

This is a matter of politics and power. We didn't go to war against King George III during the American Revolution over a disagreement on Protestant dogma nor Gandhi against the British Empire in the 1940's because his Hindi ideology compelled him to hate all Westerners.

Religion is still a good rallying cry for either the Kremlin or the separatists, but the only way they'll stop the violence is if they squash that kind of dialogue. If that means discussing events in a cooler and less sensational tone with no "us vs. them" terminology, that's a small price to pay.