Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Are Made In God’s Image

Watching the shenanigans going on in Washington of late, I’m reminded of the Biblical story, Noah and the Ark; how God nearly eradicated mankind from off the earth save for a few obedient souls. What a disappointment it must be for our Creator to watch what is being done within a nation He’s invested so much in. Our divinely inspired documents are being shredded and tossed aside as if they meant absolutely nothing. Folklore tells us God vowed never to flood the earth again; the rainbow acting to remind Him.

I was feeling down, wondering how much lower we could slip from where we ought to be when the idea occurred to me; listen to classical music until I recognize the divine Spirit laced within the notes. For a few minutes the Spirit becomes enmeshed with my breathing, inspired melodies lift me to wondrous heights. Great music reminds me we’re made in the image of our God; how else to explain the majesty of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major?

My guess as to why we haven’t been swept away; God hears our classical music, works so beautiful He recognizes that part of the divine, the promise of what we, His children, can become and what some have achieved, even if only on rare occasion. In that momentary glimmer, perhaps our best efforts offer Him hope. Great music echoing off the heavens may give Him pause from sending the Four Horsemen to utterly destroy us, at least that’s what I think.

I listened to a recorded talk given by Douglas Callister several years ago, Your Refined Heavenly Home , wherein he reminded us of the opportunity to read from the best books, appreciate the finest sculpture, art and to then share the emotions evoked with those we love. We are permitted to sample what awaits us on the other side of the veil. Heaven will be even better we’re told; take a few minutes to breathe in Pachelbel’s masterpiece .

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Nickie Goomba said...

Thanks, TF. I find God in late evening walks sensing life replenishing.

T. F. Stern said...

Nickie, Folks who are able to appreciate the gifts all around them, to show gratitude for these blessings are able to smile even in tough times. May we all remember this thought in the coming months and years as our times are bound to get more difficult, our leaders having done so many things to destroy the best nation on earth and to have us in debt so deep as to be on our backs for generations to come.

MK said...

In the recent years, i've taken an interest in history, where we men came from what we have done, the good we have done and the evil.

It's depressing sometimes to think about humanity. But i remember reading in the Bible, how everything man does eventually turns to dust, but house of the Lord endures, endures through time.

I take solace from that.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, I didn't start my serious study of the scriptures until I was 28 yrs old; about the time we started to have children. I wanted to know more about my relationship to the eternities, with God, so I could be a better father. This course of study is ongoing, and I suspect, eternal.

May I suggest you continue to search the scriptures to gain a perspective on the Great Plan of Happiness ( you're pretty sharp and have access to the internet and no doubt will find the answers at lds.org).

David said...

I always use the concept of the imago dei when exegeting Mark 12:17 to demonstrate the real thrust of Jesus' remarks to the Pharisees.

Tigersue said...

You know how I feel about music. Excellent post and it is so much how I feel.

My biggest hope and dream that I have is looking forward to the prophecies that do need to occur and that hope for the salvation of our country. Maybe that in its self is an analogy of Christ's atonement and God's love.

I'm not sure how it is going to play out, but the news today of the President's meeting with Israel I see more and more prophecy being fulfilled in this man other people voted into office.

T. F. Stern said...


I had to look up ‘exegeting’, not being familiar with the word; but having studied religious texts; guess I could say, “I’m not lost, just don’t know where I am”. Nice to have scholarly types to force me into learning new words, Thanks for that.

As far as you choice of scriptures…I thought about that during the course of my evening as Wednesday is my regular shift to work at the temple here in Houston. I had some time to think and read and that particular scripture didn’t fit with my original article.

In Genesis we are told that Seth was the spittin’ image of Adam; why would they mention that if not to remind us that man is made in the image of God; all things having their likeness through the scriptures? No, I’d have to stick with my original thought; Mark was referencing the idea that money, having Caesar’s image, was what Caesar used for taxes. God desires a broken heart and a contrite spirit; render unto God what is called for and be counted among his heirs.

This discussion is based on my belief that God the Father has a body of flesh and bone, as does his only begotten, Jesus Christ and we are made in their image. The Spirit has no body which is why he can dwell within us.

I may be drifting away from topic and toward the podium at church now; at least it’s close to topic. Thanks for bringing that up, made my brain work.

T. F. Stern said...

Tigersue, You and David both have music in your background, seeing notes on a page creates the music in your mind whereas all I see are black dots on lines.

My appreciation for music is limited to what I can hear and recall later on; but I have a pretty good memory for music and enjoy it long after the switch has been turned off.

Tigersue said...

You remind me of Charles E. Winchester in MASH. He had that gift and love for music. My husband is always amazed at the things I can hear in music, but I always remind him that I lived it. When you play in an orchestra is surrounds you and after awhile you hear as much as you can.

I think people with the love of being able to listen to music learn to do that same thing. I have believed that music is the universal language it is how God speaks to our souls.

I truly believe that the trumpet that sounds at the resurrection is a musical note that will tie the spirit to the body for eternity.

T. F. Stern said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comment and insight. Such a thought crossed my mind when I wrote this article.