Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today’s Congress is a Mockery of Representative Government

I’m not sure words can describe the anger and disappointment which have afflicted my soul this afternoon, having watched and listened to the Congress of the United States of America roll full steam ahead towards its vote to approve the Senate version of Health Reform legislation. Mind you, it’s Sunday afternoon, a time to be at peace, to be thankful for the many blessings bestowed from on high; why is my blood pressure about to go through the roof, my jaw clenched and the pit of my stomach tightened?

I’ll tell you why; never have I seen so many supposedly responsible folks, members of Congress, running full steam ahead on a piece of legislation which has been put together with lies, mandates, deceptions and back room deals. I thought watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was painful; but that was just a movie, what I witnessed today, unfortunately was real.

There are over 2700 pages of legal wording which every single representative has read and can explain to his/her constituents; yea, right.

There is nothing in this package of laws to be enacted which will violate the constitutional rights of any individuals, to include mandatory taxes which will be redistributed to other citizens based on the whims of government; yea, right.

Every legislator voting in favor of this legislative fiasco is doing so because he/she honestly believes that American citizens want socialized mandates instead of liberty and the ability to choose in a free market society; yea, right.

The view from here in the last car of a train, a train out of control going full tilt toward oblivion, gives the impression that the engineer is either drunk or insane. Why is he holding the throttle at break neck speed as he gives a blast of the whistle, passing all the signs which warn to slow down; treacherous ground lies ahead?  Can’t he see the remains of every other train which has thundered down this same dead end set of tracks, piled up heaps of socialized schemes which only served to destroy freedom and liberty?

“You have 60 seconds to state your point, Sir”, slamming the gavel down and recognizing the honorable representative from New York.”

“I’ll reserve my remaining 30 seconds until we’ve heard why there’s a special Louisiana Purchase clause built into the Senate version”.

“You have 15 seconds, come on, speak up, what do you think; we have all day to waste?”

“There’s no more track for this train to run on; just thought you’d like to know, Sir”.

“You’re in violation of the rules; next to be heard from is the representative from California. You have 30 seconds, Sir”.

“Why waste anymore time on this, I want it on the record; we all know Health Care Reform is needed so let’s vote Yes and get it over with.”

“You still have 15 seconds; do you wish to use it, Sir?”

“May I remind the Speaker; folks in the baggage car have not been heard?”

“Who cares, they’ll have to learn that we here in Washington are in charge, not them.”

“Thank you, Sir; just wanted to hear you say that for the record. Oh, and by the way, that statue of Karl Marx is being erected in front of the Capital Building as you requested.”

The train is being wrecked as we, here in the excess baggage car, contemplate the many blessings afforded each individual from our Creator; blessings which were to last as long as honorable men were elected to uphold our divinely inspired Constitutional form of government. We were promised if we obeyed the commandments and lived righteously God would preserve our nation from all who would destroy it. If I’m not mistaken, that time may have passed; say a prayer for what is left of our republic, after all, it’s Sunday.

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Jahn said...

blessings which were to last as long as honorable men were elected to uphold our divinely inspired Constitutional form of government. We were promised if we obeyed the commandments and lived righteously God would preserve our nation from all who would destroy it.

And therein lies the crux of the problem.

T. F. Stern said...

It's painful to watch, isn't it?

MK said...

Heard the news earlier TF, hard to believe it, but i guess that's what you get with a bastard socialist and sniveling weasels in charge.

I hear there may be legal challenges and such to reverse course. I'm not optimistic, but hey, if it works..

春天來嚕 said...

how do u do?

T. F. Stern said...

I do well.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, This is all part of the progressive plan to get America that much closer to communism, a major step has been accomplished and now all they need to do is expand on this one bill to get there. History has shown that the path starts with health care; but who bothers to read history?

Starsplash said...

I have every confidence that what is going to happen is the blight will be voted out.
I believe that as the word gets around at how insane this is by the way it is instituted that people will become properly incensed and peacfully throw a caniption.

I hope.

T. F. Stern said...

Ron, The problem goes deeper than the rotten garbage that's in office; we have far too many folks who vote without considering the issues or the character of those they vote for. When that happens it becomes more like voting for class president at high school; nothing more than a popularity contest rather than putting folks in office who will serve the greater good. I wish I shared your silver lining attitude.

Starsplash said...

I think you do sugar coat it. The root is that people have lost the desire to throw proper rants and protest and boycott when they know that their being lied to. The majority of people do not want someone in office that will tell them the truth, they want them to get out the little box of talcum powder with the puff and gently pat some sweet smelling powder on them so that they will look, smell, and feel, good. And then wonder why they feel so bad and ask why things are not working right.
Because they can't do anything for themselves and now don't want to do anything for themselves.
I was appalled and dismayed when right after Katrina People who were stuck, could not figure out how to get themselves out of the mess. Instead resorted to shooting at the rescue helicopters because they weren't coming to save them. How spoiled and barbaric could they have gotten. No greater witness to the core attitude of America could have been given.

In another day and time most of those people who were trapped would have gotten ingeneous and saved themselves. Waiting on a suddenly overmatched government to spin up it's gears killed an untold number of people who did not have to die.

I think I will continue this as an article over at my site.

Starsplash said...

The article is here; , but the synaps is people have lost there objective ability to decern liars ffrom the honest