Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hillary Clinton - Can we serve two masters?

Can we serve two masters? “If we try, we may be sure of one thing—that our master will not be the Christ, for He will not accept us on those terms.”, quoting from a General Conference talk given by Mark E. Petersen, “We Believe in Being Honest,” Ensign, May 1982. I ask again, can we serve two masters; as I have been reading all about the recent remarks made by Senator Hillary Clinton regarding abortion rights and tolerance towards people of faith. I went back and pulled up Elder Peterson’s talk and pulled out some of the meat. Please take the time to link to the 2nd talk listed by this particular "windowed" URL and then ponder the fact that things which are true are constants while things which tend to change from moment to moment tend to expose something else.

“What do you think of present-day people who masquerade in the robes of hypocrisy and use deception and misrepresentation to gain advantage over others, sometimes robbing them of all they have?

What do you think of those whose word is not the word of honor, and who think nothing of cheating at the first opportunity?

Do we understand the gravity of the sin of dishonesty? It is not only unchristian, it is anti-Christian—it is anti-Mormon—it is anti-Christ!

Whether it be lying, or cheating, or robbery or deception; whether it is in the home, in business, in sports, or in the classroom; dishonesty is completely foreign to the teachings of Jesus.

If we do not recognize this, we are blind indeed.”

Turning to a more current article from the Washington Times, I read,

“Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is staking out centrist positions on values issues that helped decide last year's presidential election, positioning herself to the right of her party's base on abortion, faith-based initiatives and immigration.

In the past few weeks, the New York Democrat has embraced the role of religion in addressing social ills, decried abortion as "sad, even tragic" and complained about the influx of illegal aliens — all stances that run counter to liberal party leaders, but which are popular among voters.”

"Yes, we do have deeply held differences of opinion about the issue of abortion, and I, for one, respect ( oh, really?) those who believe with all their hearts and minds that there are no circumstances under which any abortion should ever be available," the former first lady said.”, quoting from the article, “Hillary in the middle on values issues”, by Joseph Curl of the Washington Times.
“But Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said voters are "smart enough to be able to look at people's records. I mean, they did with John Kerry.", as the last line of the article wisely pointed out.

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