Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One Step Past Felon’s Right to Vote

I was reading a short Associated Press story about how many states allow convicted felons to vote. Some states even allow inmates to vote from behind prison bars. “A Washington-based advocacy group and others are pressing states to ease restrictions on felons, emphasizing harm the prohibitions do to the black community. The Sentencing Project says some 4 million Americans still can't vote because they're in prison for felonies or have felony records.” I would like to add to the list of citizens who should be denied the right to vote; those who are receiving welfare in any form.

Those who are on welfare represent a negative drain on the wellness of the entire country. The negative drain is not only a monetary loss, it is a self destructive system that permits potential workers to derive benefits equal to or better than actual workers. I am not saying to cut truly needful folks from the welfare rolls; only that these folks tend to vote for those who promise to keep on giving and giving and giving. There is plenty of pandering for the poor downtrodden vote; promises to take money from those fortunate rich and redistribute that wealth with the less fortunate, implying that the only reason some folks have money and some don’t is decided by pure luck. For the most part I would have to say that the word “fortunate” has been used improperly. Working long hours, improving one’s value in the market place and self discipline result in spending within means, something not everyone is taught. I would love to see how election rhetoric would change should such a change go into effect. If only responsible people had the right to vote, by responsible I include the lower income folks who struggle without asking for a handout, those elected would in turn have to be more responsible. You can bet that same advocacy group, the one that wants to let the felons vote, would blow a gasket if those on welfare lost the right to vote. It has nothing to do with being black, brown or white. Race has nothing to do with being responsible. (Written September 24, 2003)

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