Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Who Were These Men?

Yesterday I wrote a blog, So Help Us God, regarding the omission of that line from the WWII memorial in Washington D. C. Interestingly, today I found an article on Fox's Web site; a favorite site for all of us Hitler Loving Conservatives, aimed at the same basic thought. I had already gone back and linked the title bar to that story when I felt my own anger rise once more. Here is part two...

Who Were These Men?

I watched a movie about a down and out lawyer, “The Verdict”. It has a quality to it, something that transcends the time period in which it was made. There is no doubt that Paul Newman performed to the best of his ability, ever; but that is not why I am writing today.

There was a small part played by Lindsey Crouse, in the role of Kaitlin Costello Price, a former nurse who was a star witness against some doctors. These doctors actions had destroyed a life through their neglect along with the career of Kaitlin Costello Price. The key evidence was a standard admittance form which showed that the doctor in charge of administering the anesthesia had not bothered to check if the patient had eaten within the prescribed time period to permit such medication. After everything had gone wrong and because of this error, the doctor had forced the nurse to alter the original form. They had to change history to make it look like the doctors had performed within the acceptable framework established. The nurse knew that such action was wrong and had taken steps to protect herself by making a Xerox copy of the original document prior to making the alterations and kept it to herself.

I visualize the image of the angry young nurse as she voiced her frustration that had been held back for many years, “Who were these men…”, railing against a system that would put dishonor above honor and lies above truth, “…Who were these men? I wanted to be a nurse!” ( I hope I paraphrased close enough, not having the script in front of me. )

Fast forward to reality; “Who were these men…I wanted to have my children grow up where the history of our nation was properly and faithfully recorded…Who were these men who took away precious truths, any and all reference to our Creator, to God to anything that might sound like religion? Who were these men…?”

They are robbing us of our heritage, and in doing so, stealing our future. Our currency has “In God We Trust” or at least it does for now. Most of the buildings in Washington D.C. have references to God, the Bible and even angels emblazoned in their stone foundations. Our children’s textbooks; the keepers of knowledge, the link from one generation to the next are being altered to meet some tapioca pudding version of muddled points. Each successive generation has access to fewer important facts and explanations, lost information regarding religious freedom, oppression from government towards those who have faith in God, historically significant reference to the fact that God is the source of human rights which flies in the face of the current indoctrination that government supplies these rights. I used the word lost improperly; these facts and explanations are being thrown away intentionally; after all, there can be no competition in the arena of government issued rights. The “state” takes the place of God in any communist run country and that is the goal of these men who have to change history to make it look like they are right.

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