Thursday, January 20, 2005

Politically Correct Vs From the Heart

January 20, 2005

One of the best examples to underline the difference between Politically Correct Statements as opposed to From the Heart Outpourings can be found in the Inaugural Prayers that were offered today. I stood listening in my living room as the day’s events were telecast from Washington D.C. I had a gray remembrance of a prayer given at the last inaugural, a pastor from Houston with a fire in his soul as he pleaded with God for our nation and our leaders. I wish that I had a copy of that prayer in my file folders.

Today’s opening prayer was; how should I put it without sounding harsh, let’s just say it was forgettable. It had nothing to offer, nothing that might offend, nothing worth including in its pretense as a prayer. It was Politically Correct.

The closing prayer was refreshingly firm and direct. The pastor from Houston, the same one from 4 years earlier, was quick to point out that the United States of America has no defense without God’s help. He asked God to bless everyone with that understanding and at each opportunity thanked God for our freedoms. Every fiber of my being was charged as he closed his prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ. There will, no doubt, be those with no faith or of other faiths who will claim to be offended by this man’s solid and bold statements of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of this world. I thank God that there are men who have such strength as to stand before all, friend and foe alike, to proclaim from the top of any hill, the eternal truths which are a part of our foundation as a country.

I am sure that all of the transcripts of today’s events will be available in archive form somewhere on the internet, through the local newspapers or even national magazines next week. I wonder how many editorials will be consumed with this one sticking point.

Transcript of George W. Bush address to the nation:,2933,144976,00.html

(does not include entire proceedings.)

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