Saturday, January 22, 2005

Maureen Dowd is a Big Zero

January 22, 5002

I was never good at math, being dyslexic has its draw backs. When I was taking accounting in college I found that I was constantly putting numbers in backwards which made for a difficult time. At least with a wrod processor I can see those errors right away, at least most of the time. I got away from accounting in my junior year and joined the police department to “make the world a safer place”; actually, I look good in blue and the city furnished me some nice shirts and pants. Where is this going?

Maureen Dowd wrote a nasty column where her twisted sense of reality was aimed at Condoleezza Rice. It will never matter how rotten Saddam Hussein’s rule over the country of Iraq was, or that the U.N. resolutions meant nothing, or that thousands of Iraqi citizens were murdered; no, none of this was important to Ms Dowd. Those weapons of mass destruction never existed, at least they were never proven to exist. All we had were the “lies” that George W. Bush used to get us into a war, “lies” that Condoleezza Rice was instrumental in providing. It’s a good thing Ms Dowd is so capable, after all, she backed John Kerry’s bid and we all know how important John Kerry’s word is. I don’t recall reading Ms Dowd’s full expose on John Kerry’s mental lapses; but then again, I may have been in a coma for a year or two.
“If you multiply 1,370 dead soldiers times zero weapons of mass destruction, that equals zero achievement for Rice, who helped the president and vice president bamboozle the country into war.”, is Maureen Dowd’s answer to why liberals have trouble thinking in the real world. Then she goes on and on with some asinine math tutorials to invoke humor; at least that’s what I thought she was after.

“The administration needs a lesson in subtraction. How do we subtract our troops and replace them with Iraqi troops while the terrorists keep subtracting Iraqi troops with car bombs and rocket-propelled grenades?”, well at least she called them terrorists; the use of the term insurgents lends them the credibility that they served their country in some honorable way at one time.

I would hate to think that those were our own soldiers blowing up police stations with car bombs or National Guardsmen dressed up in bed sheets wearing C4 explosives around their chests when they go to dinner so they can murder our own troops. Of course you can never be too sure just how far our President will go to keep us at war; isn’t that what Ms Dowd is saying?

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