Wednesday, January 12, 2005

History or Fairy Tales

I read an article about how the New Jersey was carefully removing important portions of our history from its state school books. It would appear that the education system is afraid to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is no wonder that we have a generation of young people who have no foundation upon which to build character. According to the New Jersey history books the Pilgrims might just have well been on vacation rather than seeking religious freedom, our founding Fathers had no thought of a country established with God in mind, and Thanksgiving had nothing to do with thanking our Father in Heaven. All inference to God has been carefully removed, the old separation of church and state routine. Next I suppose they will be editing the bibles that are in our libraries; Moses forgot his map of the Middle East and had to wander around for a while in the desert. In the beginning, never mind the beginning as its all the same; we are born, we live for a while and then we die with no hope of anything. The father of all lies, Satan, does not tell us that black is white, instead black is a really dark dark gray in one book. It then becomes a bit lighter gray in the next edition and so on until the changes have taken the truth and made it a lie. When the schools are afraid of explaining what happened; much less why it happened, then why bother teaching history at all. I have an idea, lets burn all the history books lest some poor child come upon something that might upset his or her fragile being. Ray Bradbury, where are you when we need you?

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