Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Moral Bankruptcy in America

An important part of understanding the politics of today is to recognize that the Democratic Party that existed back in the 50’s and 60’s, the Democratic Party that was a friend to the labor unions while at the same time was not in conflict with basic morality, is no longer. It has been replaced by a socialist based party which fails to understand, or worse, intentionally ignores the concepts and precepts upon which the United States of America was founded. Look at the platform of the “new” Democratic Party; they deny the Creator at each and every turn and have become morally bankrupt; depending on those who are equally corrupted to validate their own deviant concepts. How else can the practice of mass abortion; allegedly to protect the rights of a woman, be not only acceptable but held as a banner for the world to see that we are a modern society? How could a country based on law deny the Author of the Ten Commandments. If we are to seek the blessings of our Father in Heaven we must accept His commandments; but, we must also obey them willingly and not because we are forced to.

Review your set of standards and compare how they hold up to the ones listed in the scriptures. Are you keeping the Ten Commandments; not just the ones you feel comfortable about, but all ten? Are you teaching these important lessons to your family? When you vote for those who will represent you in office is that person’s character in line with your own? Did they promise to make your life easier through some social program that will use someone else’s hard earned tax money? Have you gone back and read those documents upon which our country was founded and have you gone over these most basic ideas with your family? Taking into account the idea that in the United States of America we would never want to force religion on anyone, would you agree that those men who were responsible for choosing the words that are in our founding documents had a firm belief in God; not only in God, but in his only begotten Son, even Jesus Christ?

I would challenge you to find out at what point our government saw fit to exclude the ideas of our Founding Fathers, to deny the authors of our freedoms and their reliance in God, and to go even further by asserting that God has no place in our government today. You will find that it was not so long ago, within the last forty years that there has been a concerted effort to erase God from our minds. We have been taught to be tolerant of others; tolerant of deviant moral codes, tolerant of non-believers, tolerant of the worldly ways and at the same time we have been taught to be intolerant toward those who profess to be among the followers of Jesus Christ. We have been taught that those who claim to be Christians are either deluded, “holier than thou” hypocrites, or so far from the main stream of the “new” America as not to be considered rational. I think its time to take a hard look at who speaks for America.

“Who ever believed the Soviet Union would fall? Nobody did. Everybody thought that was going to be a struggle that this country would face for as long as there was life on the planet. Fortunately there were people who understood the moral bankruptcy on which socialism and communism are built.” Rush Limbaugh website 5/27/04

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