Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Republican Party Census Document

I got a fancy fill in the blank form today in the mail from the RNC. I thought there must be a catch since I do not send gobs of money to those folks; I was right, it was a cleverly disguised fund raising tool. Most of the back of that form had to do with how much I intended to donate to their cause and how I intended to pay; leaving spaces for my Visa, Master Card or American Express credit card information. Rather than list each and every dumb question I will give only a couple.

Do you support President Bush’s initiatives to promote the safety and security of all Americans? Yes No Undecided

Do you support President Bush’s pro-growth policies to create more jobs and improve the economy? Yes No Undecided

The rest of the questions read about the same. I was tempted to throw it in the trash until I found one line on the back that explained that the RNC was paying 11 dollars per form to have this tabulated; which they wanted to be part of my voluntary donation on the back. I decided to include my own list, not that I expect the RNC to adjust the mass mailing forms based on my opinions; just another opinion that floats out over the waters, not much different than the rest of my blogs. Here is that letter:

April 12, 2005

Republican National Committee
310 First Street SE
PO Box 96994
Washington, DC 20077-7556


I filled out your questionnaire that came in the mail; however, there were some issues not on the form or worded in such a way as to make the answers obvious. Please read on.

The purpose of the Federal Government is to protect the citizens; that is its primary responsibility. There are many who would, if they had their way, destroy this nation. I leave it to the President to do all that is necessary to accomplish the safety and security of the nation.

I do not support the “window dressing” that is being used in our airports and called security. It would not stop a serious threat and only acts to inconvenience those who use these facilities on a regular basis. The lack of common sense approach to screening potential terrorists is reprehensible. The actions of the ACLU, high on my list of those who would destroy this nation, have made it nearly impossible to properly screen a particular segment of the world’s known terrorist producing peoples. Racial Profiling should be instituted so that every single person of Middle Eastern appearance should be screened. Those who don’t like being subject to a reasonable search of baggage and person based on Racial Profiling should either not travel or they should get used to the scrutiny since the origin of terrorism seems to come from that area of the world. Airports security personnel show no common sense in almost every aspect that is visible to the public.

This was a bad week to ask about economic issues; I have been filling in forms for local and federal taxes. The government’s idea of “tax cuts” defies logic; continued taxes at the same rate rather than raising that rate is not a tax cut. I am disappointed with the current administrations spending habits. None of the questions in the survey came close to the issues that I would ask. I do not believe that it is ever the government’s money to give away to begin with; it belongs to the taxpayers. With that understanding I am more than a little incensed when tax money is used as handouts; regardless of the well intentioned motives. The government had no business “rewarding” the victims of 9/11 with cash payouts. The government had no business donating tax money to the Tsunami Relief Effort. The government has forgotten who’s money they are giving away. This is not to say that there was not a need; just that such donations are to be done privately and by those who rightfully have the control of those funds, individuals or companies. I did not include corporations in that mix because those entities fall under the umbrella, similar to that of government, of being responsible to shareholders and therefore do not have the privilege of being magnanimous with other people’s money either.

I do support the President on making schools more accountable; however, I do not see that as a real attainable goal. The public school system has, in my opinion, failed; to include the higher levels of social indoctrination we used to call universities and colleges.
I am forced to pay for a system that puts into play positions that are radically at odds with the America I was taught about. The socialist/communist agenda is in full operation and in my opinion the only way to slay that dragon is to cut its head off and make sure it dies. I am in favor of total dissolution of the public schools and have them replaced with private schools or home schooling. No, I’m not on powerful drugs at this time. This would do away with property taxes and other forms of taxes that are earmarked for schools. Those who desire an education will figure out a way, those who are just showing up will still be able to get menial low end paying jobs; in other words, there will be no difference in the long run.

The fact that President Bush and the RNC have to ask whether or not religious or charitable groups should be able to do more is a result of the socialist/communist agenda that is already in place to destroy this nation; starting with the foundation. If these “folks” have their way any and all reference to faith will be burnished from our history; making a clear path to a country where the State takes the place of Deity. Abortion is only one of the tools which the godless have used to pervert our society and so these so called “partial birth abortions” are the next step towards legalized euthanasia. The social changes which would have us believe that there is no harm in “civil unions” being compared on equal footing with the sanctity of marriage is yet another of the perversions being foisted upon this country.

I cannot place the issue of Social Security in that same bracket since I see that program as simply another tax that goes directly into the general fund. I am of the opinion that it is not, nor has it ever been a retirement program. Those who have fallen for that particular lie must have attended the public school system and believed the clap trap being published there. Social Security is part of the “Welfare State of Mind” that has to exist in order for the socialist/communist agenda to take over a capitalist economic system. Medicare and the “entitlement programs” are an extension of the same philosophy.

There is a danger in placing our nation’s troops under the direction of the UN because by doing so they are no longer serving the expressed interests of the United States of America. The “World Order Folks” would have us loose our sovereignty to the UN; which is nothing more than a social club of second RATers and thugs. It would be in the best interests of the United States of America to withdraw any and all support from that organization. Those monies currently being thrown down that bottomless pit could be used toward our own defense; which we have been so graciously donating to those truly in need, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia to start with on a seemingly endless list.

Those were the highlighted issues with their respective “Yes”, “No” or “Undecided” fill in the blank answers. Here are some of the issues that I would have wanted to see as priorities of the RNC; working under the delusion that my opinion might be shared and acted upon by our current or future elected officials.

The Executive and Legislative Branches of government have had to take a back seat to the Activist Judiciary from the lowest judges to the Supreme Court. The rule by majority has been supplanted by a very small minority, those being judges who have decided that they know better than the electorate. This is one of the foundations that has been steadily eroding for the past 60 years, more so in the past 40 years. If left unchecked the end result will be total tyranny judiciary decision rather than the voice of the people.

Finally on this list of social issues, there should have been a question asking whether or not the United States of America believes that life is still one of those Inalienable Rights guaranteed to each and every one of us by our Creator. It was so important to the founders of our nation that it was a part of the first document to define us as a people when we declared our independence from another nation. The recent history of our nation would tend to indicate that Life is not as important; at least not when abortion, euthanasia and the “right to die” segment of our society are in control.

Now, since you took all that effort to ask me for my opinion, let’s see if this was only “window dressing” or if you really did want to hear from me. The old saying, “Fish or cut bait” might be in order.


T. Fraser Stern

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