Friday, April 15, 2005

Taxes, Just a few thoughts . . .

It’s time to send off a packet to the IRS this afternoon. We did our local corporate and home property taxes earlier in the week. I read Neil Boortz and the articles he has today about sum up how I feel about taxes with a couple of his shot groupings, starting with a statement by former IRS commissioner T. Coleman Andrews. (well worth reading)

There is a good piece on
The Fair Tax and how it could replace the current income tax system. The government will always need substantial sums of money to operate; it’s only a question of who or how to obtain those funds. The second most obvious part of government is who or how to allocate those funds. Until we start pulling in the reigns on those spenders we keep electing then I don’t see much hope for survival. The idea that every American deserves this that or the other so that they won’t feel neglected or “used” is a gimmick. Socialism is the thought process of defeatism which assigns guilt to those who do well based on the false assumption that wealth is created at the expense of others and that the only way to have more is to steal it rather than work harder or smarter.

One subject that continues to be avoided is the issue of property tax as a means of supporting government while also acting as a confiscatory means of property redistribution. The issue of Eminent Domain is important, that is true; however, property taxes are a subtle means of guaranteeing that eventually all property will be owned by the government entity in charge of such taxation policy. Until property taxes are outlawed there is no such thing as true private ownership. Public School systems have entrenched themselves as a cancer on our society through the property taxes imposed to facilitate their never ending needs. It would be a wake up call indeed if one morning the tax base was pulled out from under the public schools and they were told that they were no longer needed or wanted; that we had found other viable sources to educate our next generation. Our local governments need to be pulled away from the property tax trough also. The “wants” have taken the place of “needs” and society had become spoiled to things it could do without.

The missing link not mentioned yet would be Social Security Taxes, which are no different than any other income tax. I keep hearing about how this that or the other should be fixed or left alone or it will be bankrupt in so many years. The government is not going to stop paying for “entitlement programs” that are currently associated with Social Security and so I would dissolve the Social Security program entirely. It’s all a big lie to begin with. It never was a retirement fund and it certainly is not an investment. It’s a welfare program to assist those who didn’t plan ahead or who’s funds for their senior years were insufficient; can you say “entitlement”. Medicare and the Prescription Drug Program are extensions of this same mentality of “I’m Entitled because I paid into the system”. Horse Patootie, isn’t that the line used by Col. Potter in MASH, the television show?

President Bush would have been hanged in effigy, tarred and feathered and then drawn and quartered had he presented anything so cold hearted as doing away with Social Security; look what happened when he suggested a minor adjustment. Putting a magnifying glass over a lie is enough to make congress twitch much less expose a long held lie such as Social Security is the peoples program.

The socialist segment of our society will all have heart failure at the mention of doing away with the sacred cow of the masses. This country must wake up and figure out that Social Security is just a form of income tax that goes directly into the general tax fund. The money that is spent to pay for entitlements, that include what appears to be small retirement accounts for those who paid in ( but in truth are not), along with many other entitlements to those who simply fall under the current focus goals of the program could as easily be entitlements under any number of government sponsored wealth redistribution programs. I cannot stress enough my disgust at such outright theft under the guise of helping others.

It’s time to stop the madness of enslaving ourselves to these intrusive tax programs. The income that is now stolen up front by our own government will be returned to it’s rightful owner, the wage earner, for either expenditure or investment based entirely on his or her discretion and ability to plan for future retirement; which is as it should be. Those who can’t understand how this “fair tax” system works need to go live in Europe or some other socialist country where their citizens are already enslaved by total wealth distribution.

In summary, in case you are one of those who skipped the middle and went straight to the end, do away with the IRS and replace it with a Fair Tax based entirely on spending habits, do away with property tax to restore the concept of private ownership and last but not least do away with Social Security since it’s only a variation of the income tax. Okay, get out your pies and milk shakes to throw at me. That’s my heartless way of doing away with the socialist designed self enslavement system.

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