Saturday, July 09, 2005

Eminent domain added to agenda in Texas

One of the headline items in this morning’s Houston Chronicle ( linked via title bar ), by staff writer Polly Ross Hughes, was to inform us that steps are being taken to limit the power of eminent domain by some local governmental entities in their flagrant abuse of that power and bolstered by the recent Supreme Court ruling in Kelo Vs New London.

“Sen. Kyle Janek, R-Houston, said the Texas Senate on Monday could take up his Senate Bill 62 to limit government from using eminent domain to benefit private developers. If the bill passes the House and Senate with a two-thirds vote before the session ends July 20 and gains the governor's signature, it will take effect immediately, Janek said. If Janek's bill quickly becomes law, it could interrupt the city of Freeport's plans to seize the property of two seafood companies to make way for an $8 million private marina.”

I had to take my blood pressure medicine when I read the next line, not that it surprised me all that much.

“Freeport City Manager Ron Bottoms said he isn't sure whether Janek's bill would halt the city's plans, noting that "we're well into the process."

We’re well into the process.”??? What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that the lights in the kitchen have been turned on and we’ve been exposed for the rotten low life scum that we are? Does it mean that we may have pocketed some money under the table, spent that money for our personal gain and can’t figure out a way to give it back? Does it mean that we are so arrogant and above all you average everyday citizens that we have no intention of submitting to the will of the people and the law? Does “We’re well into the process” mean that, well does it Ron Bottoms?

I’ve been down to the beach just the other side of Freeport; they call it Surfside. I suppose if Ron Bottoms had his way it would be called “Serfside” or “Slaveside”.

I would suggest that Governor Perry have the appropriate judicial order signed to “temporarily” halt the City of Freeport, even knowing that they are “well into the process” of stealing land under the cloak of eminent domain. It would be a terrible shame if the City of Freeport got any further into the toilet, so much that the suction took all those city leaders down into the sewer and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Flush!

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