Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roxie bit the repairman

Tim working on the damaged ceiling

We had a fellow over to repair some damaged drywall in the ceiling from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. This project has been on going for a couple of months; find the leak, repair the damage, find a new leak, repair that damage and so on. We had left a hole in the ceiling for the past week or so to make sure that the leaks had all been accounted for.

Today the carpenter was standing on his bucket taking measurements when Roxie determined that he was a threat to the house, to us and to her puppies. She methodically got out of the maternity pen, walked over to the living room and bit him on the lower leg; pulling him off the bucket and onto the floor. The damage to his leg was minimal, easy for me to say since it wasn’t my leg that got chomped on. There was a slight break of the skin and a nice bruise to the shin bone.

Lucy cleaned it off with some peroxide and applied some triple antibiotic ointment to prevent germs from getting into the cut. I put Roxie’s choker chain on her and then wrapped the leash to the door knob to limit her ability to go after the repairman; she is now under "house arrest" Lucy is going to make a batch of brownies; maybe that will smooth things over. It also helps that Tim works for my son in law's drywall company. Nothing ever happens around here.
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