Saturday, July 02, 2005

Janice Rogers Brown should fill Vacancy in Supreme Court

Sandra Day O'Connor has decided to vacate her seat on the Supreme Court creating a fire storm with all manner of contemplation and finagling for her replacement; who might survive the scrutiny of the Senate and the crucifixion and/or castration involved in that process. In the past several years President Bush has nominated qualified, albeit conservative justices for other appellate court positions with the minority Democratic Senators holding up those nominations. The ugly partisan politics have been part of the all too clear obstructionist efforts to deny President George W. Bush his rightful authority to nominate and have confirmed such qualified people.

I listened to the Rush Limbaugh radio show the other day and happened to hear a simple comment that made more sense than anything I would hear the rest of the day. I went back a few moments ago and read the transcript:

“I think he ought to nominate Janice Rogers Brown this afternoon. Just get
started with this.”

The logic of nominating Janice Rogers Brown is nearly too good to pass up. To begin with, the Democratic Senators have already passed off on her ability to serve in the capacity of a appellate court. They have passed off on her credentials to the point of making themselves obviously partisan for their previous efforts to deny her the requested position. Having already approved her on such merits it would logically fit that were her name to be offered as a replacement any attempt to block that nomination would be futile. If the Democratic Senators staged a mock filibuster even their own constituency would know of their blatant hypocrisy; if she was no good then why did they pass off on her for the first judiciary position and if she does have the credentials then why would they deny someone that has already passed their intense scrutiny?

It’s a win/win situation for the President regardless of how the nomination eventually is handled. McCain and his so called band of 14 would be taken out of the equation for the same reasons, leaving them to shrivel in their own politically devised coffins. Rest in peace you morons.

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