Sunday, July 17, 2005

Working it in

I was at the auto auction this morning before church trying to move some old units. I had an older model Mazda 626. It looked very much like one I actually owned quite some time back; burgundy paint that had faded and oxidized badly. The alarm pad fob was not working properly either. The sensitivity setting had been set in such a way as to go off on a change in humidity. I kept pressing the silence button and the alarm kept going off no matter how many times I pushed the button.

Six minutes of trying to get the car alarm to shut off was when I realized that it wasn’t the car alarm going off at all; it was my alarm clock radio trying to get me to wake up and go to my Sunday morning meetings. It’s strange how the mind is always working odd elements in, trying to make things fit when they never were intended.

Getting up at five in the morning is not my idea of a relaxed Sunday; but that is not for me to decide. I have meetings to go to and so I go. August is when our meetings change to a more reasonable time. I won’t have any meetings before 7:30am and regular services start at 10:30am. I am so looking forward to August. Next time the car alarm goes off on a car I no longer own I may just sell the car and go back to sleep.

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