Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can you say Reasonable Doubt?

On the Fox news website this morning I read the following:

“HOUSTON — The former head of Enron Corp.'s bust of a broadband business acknowledged that former CEO Jeffrey Skilling may not have knowingly misled anyone about the venture's prospects of success.”

“Under cross-examination Wednesday, Kenneth Rice, a former top lieutenant and friend to Skilling, said his own cheerleading for the unit may have fueled his former boss' broadband optimism.”

The rest of the trial is a waste of time and effort because, unlike a civil proceeding, the state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an offense occurred; that has now been flushed down the toilet. If you’re Jeff Skilling do you pay your attorney a bonus or does that go to Kenneth Rice?

There is a bonus of one Brooklyn Bridge to the first person to post a comment. Already have a bridge, how about some land in west Texas?

A Bitter Pill to Swallow.

Also from the Fox website:

“BOSTON — The state pharmacy board ordered
Wal-Mart on Tuesday to stock emergency contraception pills at its stores in Massachusetts.”

{…} Sam's Club stores in Massachusetts.”

I find it ironic that the “pro-choice” folks had the freedom to go down the street to a pharmacy which stocked the emergency contraception pills, something they freely admit that they knew. So, being pro choice means that they chose to go after one particular store to enforce a law based on the arbitrary opinions of the state board.

“The women had argued that state policy requires pharmacies to provide all "commonly prescribed medicines."

I can’t wait for the same mentality of intervention to inflict itself on other “free market” entities. I’m a locksmith; my specialty is automotive locksmith work. Once in a while I get calls from folks who have lost their keys to their house, a motorcycle, a tractor, and I even got a ship to shore call to make keys for a lock on an off shore drilling rig one time. All these folks expected that because I have the word “locksmith” in my title that I am set up to work on all kinds of locks. As a matter of preference, I don’t work on houses, motorcycles or tractors; and I don’t plan on renting a helicopter just so I can pick up the off shore platform locksmith work. It boils down to my decision to work on what I think is in my best interests, making a profit, working on things I enjoy and things which I’m proficient at. There are other locksmiths in town and I refer these types of calls to them; no different than Wal-mart sending women with pointed black hats to other pharmacies as long as it’s within a reasonable distance for them to achieve on their broomsticks.

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