Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spoiled American Locksmith

I bought a new file last week to replace one that I thought had been used to the point of being worn out. I don’t like to waste money on a tool I already own; so, buying one I think might be useful for another year or so runs contrary to my personality; blame it on my Scottish and German ancestry.

The file I replaced isn’t going to be found just anywhere; not at Sears or the local hardware store since it has very limited use, locksmiths or possibly someone who sharpens chain saws might use such a file except this particular file wouldn’t last long working with anything other than brass. It’s called a, “GROBET 6" #4 CUT ROUND SWISS FILE” (linked via title bar), and is used to make an impression key. It feels like velvet to the touch because its design is cut so finely. I can whittle a key blank to fit the shape of the original key by studying the way the metal reflects off the surface of a properly prepared key. The better the file, the better the surface to work from and the quicker I can finish and get paid.

I got to use my new file this afternoon and I was pleasantly reminded of how nice a new file can get the job done. I retired the old file to my back up tool box; several years as my favorite file, maybe I should have it framed and hang it on the wall. A lady at church asked me how I might describe what I do. I told her I was into Metal Sculpture and smiled a big grin back at her. My artwork pays very nicely and folks don’t have to travel to a museum to enjoy it.

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