Monday, February 06, 2006

We Respect Your Rights…

In the Houston Chronicle I read about hundreds of Muslims marching, many carrying signs protesting the recent “Cartoon-gate”. (Story linked via title bar)

“Several hundred Muslims dressed in black gathered downtown Sunday to remember martyr Imam Husain, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, with prayer, speeches and a 10-block march down the streets.”

"This is a religious protest against a brutal crime that took place 1,400 years ago," said Azra Zaid, as she walked with the group of men, women and children. The Islamic calendar begins with the month of Muharram, during which Husain and his family were killed by the ruler of the Islamic world.”

These folks have been killing each other off for a long time it would appear. Now they want to share their thirst for blood with the rest of the world. It’s not enough to identify the radical process by which these barbarians achieve stasis in their own tribal struggles, they would inflict this same form of brutality on the entire world.

“Raza Zaidi, vice chairman of Anjuman Pasban-e-Aza, which organized the event, said it was their duty to protest the caricatures peacefully.”

"Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can disrespect other people's beliefs," Zaidi said.

I guess a peaceful beheading, a peaceful burning of an embassy and let’s not forget the peaceful suicide bombings that have become a part of their overall peaceful protest of the Infidels who share this planet with them are how the Muslims show respect for others. Just think what a mess the world would be in if these folks didn’t respect other’s rights.

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I know that many have written on this subject and I apologize for not listing all those who have shown an interest.

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