Friday, February 03, 2006

Professor Lupin at the Sandwich Shop

I stopped off at one of Houston’s best lunch time spots, Supreme Sandwich Shop on West T. C. Jester just north of the 610 Loop. They have one of my favorites, pastrami on rye and when ever I have a job in that area I stop in. I had parked and noticed a fellow getting out of his car and headed for the sandwich shop. His features were so familiar I thought for a moment I might know him. It dawned on me that he was a look a like for the actor David Thewlis, better known as Professor Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I mentioned my thoughts to the fellow prior to entering the shop, or since it has to do with Harry Potter, prior to entering the “shoppe”, and asked if he had seen the movie with his likeness in a fairly important role. He hadn’t and so I remarked that he’d enjoy it much more, especially since he could pass as twin brother to the guy who turns into a werewolf.

“So you think I look like a werewolf?”, he asked.

“No doubt about it.”. Fortunately for us all the moon is waxing and won’t be full for several days. “Ahhoooooooooow!”

I was explaining the encounter to my daughter over dinner and she couldn’t believe that I walked up to a total stranger and told him he looked like the guy who turns into a werewolf. What better way to compliment someone you don’t know than to mistake him/her for a movie actor?

I looked up the acting history for David Thewlis and found a long list, most noticeable was a sizable role in the movie Seven Years in Tibet, playing the role of Peter Aufschnaiter along side Brad Pitt. You never know who you might meet at the sandwich shop, “Ahhoooooooooow! Make mine rare if you would.”
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