Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A few thoughts

I enjoyed my extended weekend away at my folks. One of their neighbors, Stewart, had gone to the movies and came away with an interesting small town thought. Apparently the movie had started and was interrupted because some folks arrived late. The manager of the theater announced that they would start the movie over so that the late comers could enjoy the entire movie. Stewart stood up and gave the manager a piece of his mind, something to the effect that everyone else took the effort to arrive on time and other reminders of simple logic. I can’t recall that ever happening, no, not once.

As a police officer my partner and I were called to one of the skin flick theaters downtown one evening. A rather large woman had suffered a heart attack and was too heavy for the medical response team to pick up. She had taken her children to the movies and may not have realized the type of movie being shown. The children were taking in the view as the rest of the patrons kept shouting, “down in front, we can’t see the movie” as we worked to free the woman from the grasp of the chair. We took the kids down to juvenile division.

The movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, is on as I write. Lucy remarked that it should be required viewing for all elected positions. I’d have to agree, but why stop there; it should be required viewing for all citizens. It gives us a chance to compare the dream of idealism with the reality of our form of government. I did get to read some wonderfully prepared thoughts as I turned the pages in, Great American Speeches, while sitting in the airport and while hanging in the sky. Again, reading the idealism and comparing it to reality gives the human spirit a chance to reflect and reassert the desire to obtain that greatness which our founding fathers had hoped for when this “experiment” was put into motion.

President Bush delivered the State of the Union Address, (linked via title bar). I sat here at my computer with the volume turned up. Our own government is still the biggest enemy we face; not ignoring the Islamic Fascists intent on blowing up those who stand in their way, there is the issue of a steadily devalued dollar which eventually will become worthless as the insanity of our unfunded system continues.

I’ve grown tired of watching the camera shots of Hillary rolling her eyes up in their sockets to amuse the liberal commentators as President Bush speaks. I saw an op-ed cartoon the other day which brought up the idea that Hillary shouldn’t be eligible to run for the office of president because she’d already served two terms; “We ARE the President!”, comes to mind. I grow tired of the antics of Cindy Sheepdip as her puppeteers pull on the strings to keep her in front of the cameras. Maybe if she’d worn a t-shirt that had something more appropriate, “Just Ignore Me – I’m an Idiot”, they would have let her remain seated.

In closing, somebody needs to purchase at least a hundred DVD copies of the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and hand deliver one to each and every Senator; start with the two from Massachusetts. I can’t believe that any voter could keep sending these “men of honor” back to represent them; but I live in a dream world, what; I’ve missed my school bus and it’s still only 1955? “I’ll be late for Kindergarten”, “Coming Mom”.
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