Friday, March 31, 2006

An Abstract Thought

I was noticing that I had a tune running around in my head and finally figured out that I was hearing part of Peter and the Wolf; more specifically, the part of the Duck. I can’t say when the last time I heard that piece of music. Now that I’ve identified the noise in my mind, I’ve been enjoying various other parts of the orchestration, the Wolf, Peter and even the little bird.

How does this brain of ours work? What makes us dig around for obscure pieces of music we may have heard years ago and bring them to the surface of our perception? I’m not offering an answer; merely offering this up as something to ponder.

Last night in my dreams I was back working for the Police Department. I remember seeing a traffic jam, some emergency lights up ahead and off to one side where another unit was investigating a wreck as I drove my three wheeled motorcycle. I came to an intersection where a rookie was directing traffic, more accurately; he was standing to the side with no clue. I pulled into the pedestrian crosswalk, threw it in reverse and skillfully parked against the curb, all in one fluid motion as if it were 1975 and I never left. I was there for a few moments and showed the rookie how to get the job done and then I lost the moment.

Maybe I was listening to Peter and the Wolf back in 1975, I do have a copy on vinyl, an old 33 1/3 recording. I haven’t played it in quite a long time; my record player isn’t even hooked up to the stereo anymore. I know, some folks think that vinyl makes the recording sound more authentic or some such BS; personally I prefer digital. Who knows, this could all be part of a reaction to those antibiotics, some kind of drug induced chemical imbalance of my brain to distract me while I’m sick.

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Drywall Mom said...

I remember when Grandma and Grampa took me to see that downtown. I though it was fun.

The probligo said...

Man, that comes out of my childhood as well - Peter and the Wolf I mean. Now you got me trying to remember who read the story on the LP the old man had. I have a feeling that it was either Peter Ustinov, or perhaps Sir Ralph Richardson, certainly from the late 40's early 50's and with the LSO doing the playing bit.

Smarter than you said...

Everything is stored in our short term memory for a short time. In order for something to pass into our long term memory it must be of significance to the individual or by repetition. Smell is the sense that will most likely bring a memory out of the archives.

Ted said...

I think someone made a commercial using the music as a background and your were hearing it over and over again while you were in" some kind of drug induced chemical imbalance of my brain to distract me while I’m sick." and your TV was playing in the background.

Glad to hear you are back among the living again.