Friday, March 17, 2006

Permission Denied

I found out that I lacked the proper credentials to view my own blogsite last night. I kept getting error code 403 telling me to contact the website administrator to gain access. I walked over to the mirror and gave myself permission; I even sent myself an email giving me permission, still no access. I sent off a request for help to Blogger and got back an email explaining that some blogsite were down for maintenance and to be patient.

They must have sent me the right credentials, maybe they’re being installed on my hard drive as I write because I now have access to T. F. Stern’s Rantings. I can feel my head swelling from the ego trip; I have proper credentials, do you?

Lucy and I are in the middle of getting ready for painting two rooms, the dinning room and the office. Part of getting ready is getting all the books off the book cases, all five book cases are solid oak. Three are side by side in the office, formerly known as the living room, and take up the entire wall. This is where I have my computer set up. The two book cases from the dinning room have been emptied and placed in the garage which means my little green Z is parked in the driveway until this project is over.

As soon as the paint has been applied we are ripping out the carpet in both rooms and having hardwood floors put in. The fellow who moved in across the street installs hardwood floors for a living, how’s that for timing? When we bought this house we were concerned about having light colored carpets. I told Lucy that as soon as they got to looking ugly we would put down oak floors. Well, we did that in the den several years ago and they look fabulous; now it’s time to get rid of the rest of the down stairs carpet.

This is the closest thing to moving I can think of, boxing up books, trophies, glass vases for cut flowers and putting it all somewhere else; that sounds like moving to me. I may rent a U-Haul and park it out front just for show. We did that one time when one of the kids, I think it was Jennifer, was on the way up to Salt Lake City or Denver; can’t remember for sure. We have all the time in the world to get this done so we pack away a couple of boxes and then relax before going after a couple more boxes the next day. I figure by the time we get it all done Lucy and I will be moving into the assisted retirement community; at least all our stuff will be boxed and ready to go. When we get to the receptionist and she will take one look at all those boxes of junk and tell us, “Permission Denied”.
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