Friday, October 05, 2007

Fake "Microsoft" Updates

To begin, this e-mail scam has to do with the Windows Updates that come out every second Tuesday of each month. The hackers involved with this scam are pretending to be Microsoft and they're sending out fake e-mails, telling users they need to install a critical update right away. They give you a link to follow, which takes you to a false version of the Windows Update Web site. You are then presented with a series of links you can use to download the update, but in all actuality, you're downloading a Trojan virus and other malicious patches. If your computer becomes infected with the virus, the hackers can then obtain complete control of your PC.

I got this warning via my email from the Retired Police Officer’s Association this morning and thought I should share it with the four or five folks who stop by to read my blog. I have not checked “Snoopes” to see verify this threat.

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