Monday, October 08, 2007

Tonight’s Player of the Game is…

Lucy and I were watching the last couple of innings of the Indians/Yankees ball game this evening on TBS. The Indians had a three run lead going into the bottom of the ninth inning. The announcers had the audacity to proclaim the Player of the Game before the last out had been recorded; something which has become part of the standard it seems.

I recall watching a football game, not too many years ago. The University of Texas was a couple of touch downs behind with only a few minutes to go in the game. The Player of the Game, from the team temporarily ahead, was announced as the clock ticked away; except the Real Player of the Game, Vince Young, figured out a way to score multiple times and Texas went on to win the game. You mean to tell me that these announcers can’t wait until the game is over to jabber out that information?

The same thing occurs during most of the Olympic events, doesn’t matter which event; after the “chosen front runners” have performed the announcers casually mention that the “also rans” still have to be given an opportunity. There’s something wrong with that; can’t put my finger on how to solve it, just bad manners at the very least.

I did feel badly for the Indian’s pitcher, couldn’t tell you his name since I don’t follow the American League much. These same idiot announcers put the jinx on him by telling their listening audience, “This fellow has faced the top ten home run hitters all season and never given up a single home run”, or something very close to that.

“Whoosh!”, two pitches later A-Rod smacked one over the left center field wall. This was simply another in a long line of, “Fred, am I mistaken or is this the seventh inning and nobody’s reached base, a perfect game?”, or, “He’s tossing a no-hitter” or “My record show he hasn’t made an error all year long”. What these idiot announcers need is a knuckle sandwich, maybe a bit crude; but that would shut them up until the game was over.

Before I quit for the night; did anyone else notice the one announcer, the one interviewing folks in the stands during the game when the cameras should have been focused on the game, how he was dressed; somewhere between the Soprano’s with his black pin stripe suit, black pin stripe shirt and yellow tie he borrowed from Stevie Wonder. Did his mother not teach him anything, “Gezza Louise!”

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