Friday, October 26, 2007

Just for Two

Mover Mike has a short piece on a little two seater car called the ForTwo. I didn’t see much to jump up and down about; reminded me a little of the first time I saw a Honda, the one with a funky looking rubber gasket that went around the back window. I thought the rubber gasket thing was for when you needed to store it away in the garage; just tip it over on the end to make room for the real car.

Cars with only two seats have limited appeal, they're not practical for a wide range of reasons, mostly the fact that only two folks will fit inside. Lucy and I have our version, the BMW Z3 Coupe which we purchased once the kids were grown and on their own. We still have a “real” car, one that will permit extra passengers; but the little green Z is my toy for Date Night, going to church and just buzzing around.

A fellow from church stepped out of line while criticizing my automobile purchase; indicating folks “my age” should show a little more common sense. I felt his toes pushing down on mine and rather than express anger for having crossed the line, “Lucy and I got this for when we go to live in the old folks home; we won’t have to buy those scooter things, this little Z will fit down the halls and we can go in style.” I smiled condescendingly in his direction; none of his business what kind of car I bought.

That reminded me of something I just read on Third World County, a line from Pat Paulson’s presidential platform many years ago, “I’ve upped my standards. Now, up yours.”

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