Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I’m Tellin’ Mom on You!

Laura, my little sister, has been in Florida for the past couple of weeks while my dad had surgery on both knees and had a chance to meet up with an old friend, Alice, from way back when. Alice thought Laura could use a break and sent a round trip airline ticket to meet up in Austin for an extended weekend that would include a jaunt down to Galveston where her parents had a beach house.

I jumped on the chance to visit, not having much of a chance to see her all that often seeing as how Laura lives in Hawaii. We met for lunch at a little place in Galveston, The Mosquito Grill on 14th Street. As an historical note, it was one of the surviving buildings from the Great Hurricane of 1900.

We took our digital camera to capture some shots of the two of us together, rare indeed. Lucy and Bonnie also went along and we all had different kinds of food, some from the breakfast menu and some from the lunch menu. Lucy and I had a variation of Eggs Benedict with shrimp and Artichoke Hearts on homemade biscuits. I never would have thought those would go together; but they did and the flavors were awesome.

Bonnie took a series of snapshots of Laura and me cutting up, pretending to be fighting as we did as children. I pretended to grab her nose and Laura came back with her regular line, “I’m tellin’ Mom on You!” We laughed and carried on, almost as if we loved each other and enjoyed each other’s company; imagine that after all the time we went for the jugular. This photograph is more for my folks than for anyone else; see, we really can get along.

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