Sunday, October 07, 2007

A trip through Gomorrah

This morning was spent listening to General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It wasn’t offered on the cable network, no great surprise; however, I can get it via BYU television on the internet. Still I marvel at the many and varied programs that are available on the internet; anything from hardcore pornography to heavenly promptings from God’s Prophet, I alone would know which to watch as I travel down this path through Gomorrah.

The included photograph was taken through the front window of a subway train in New York City several years ago. My wife and I enjoyed a few days together sight seeing and visiting places where I grew up; change that to places where I lived when I was young since I’ve never truly grown up. I use this picture as wallpaper on my computer every now and again, that wallpaper being changed regularly from all the digital images I’ve collected.

I couldn’t tell you which particular train we were riding or the name of the station we passed when I opened the lens to capture the image; all the same it has a certain quality that holds my attention when I stare down that long dark tunnel, the flash of bright light off to either side and the steady blue illumination directly ahead. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to what symbolism might be involved; remembering the movie, City Slickers, where Curley held up his index finger and explained how it represented, “the one thing”; well, as he said, “That’s for you to decide”.

I hope you take some time in the up coming weeks to visit the archived sessions of General Conference . This morning’s session had many valuable moments, the Tabernacle Choir singing “A child’s prayer” being among them. It takes a day or so for these sessions to become available; however, later in the week each individual talk can be brought up in a variety of ways; transcript, audio or full streaming. The invitation to pick what you view on your computer is up to you as make your way through Gomorrah.

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