Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kids and Their Toys

Lucy made sure to get all the kids at least one toy, myself included. This year she found a micro-mini helicopter that really flies. I practiced in the living room with take offs and crashes until I learned how to take off and land; glad it’s tough and bounces.

I took this picture while the tiny power unit was being recharged. Click on the image and you will get a better idea of its size. I placed a penny off to one side to show perspective.

The helicopter closely resembles the old Fox Units, the first helicopters used by the Houston Police Department back in the early 70’s. I can remember how much safer these airborne spot lights made checking out the rooftops of building when we as ground patrol units were looking for bad guys. They were also nice to have in a chase, another set of eyes to keep track of a fleeing vehicle to advise other units from their vantage point of opportunities or, when the suspects bailed from their vehicle and lit out on foot, where they were hiding.

I don’t think my micro-mini helicopter would be much help; but you never know, some of the latest surveillance gadgets are pretty small and can be mounted with video cameras. The idea of being the proverbial “fly on the wall” isn’t so far fetched. Until then I’ll stick to annoying our cat Bubba.

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