Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sometimes it skips a generation or two

In the movie, Bicentennial Man, Andrew had been away for nearly twenty years looking for robots which might have similar individual character traits as his. Andrew entered the home of his “family” and mistakenly greeted Porschia, playing on the piano and unaware of Andrew’s existence; believing her to be “Little Miss”. Little Miss, grandmother to Porschia explained the resemblance as sometimes skipping a generation. Andrew remained confused at the younger version so closely matched his memory of years gone by.

Here is my daughter Jennifer on her wedding day next to her Great Grandmother, Lelia Loisel. Lelia Loisel died not long after my grandmother, Lelia Mary Smith, was born and my grandmother was brought up by her grandmother, Mary Theodosia Renner. I look into those eyes and I see eternity looking back; a haunting image from a member of my family, one I never got to meet.

I showed the photograph of Lelia Loisel to JJ, his Great Great Grandmother and he mistakenly thought it was his mother. I did some “photoshopping” to fix major damage that showed on the cheek; but my skills are limited and I didn’t even try to fix the minor scratches.

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