Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Slides to Digital Images

The mailman brought a package to our door this morning, a VuPoint Film Scanner I’d purchased after hearing about it on the Rush Limbaugh radio program. If you want one contact Hammacher Schlemmer before December 31st. They’re $99.95; but come with free shipping if you use the key word, “Rush”. I don’t get a nickel for that plug; but it would save you a couple of dollars. A word of caution, the instructions clearly state that this was designed to work with Windows XP; sorry for you folks with Vista operating systems, then again you’re already are feeling sorry you ever got hood winked with that POS.

I installed the CD program and got out some slide carousels I had back in my garage. With a little effort I was able to figure out how to use the damn thing, pardon that, how to use this sophisticated electronics gadget. I had sense enough to create a file for all these photographs in advance so dropping each picture in was a snap. I then went back and created sub files and began sorting away.

This one photograph from 1976 of Lucy and me in New Orleans caught my attention. Most folks would have burned it, a way of destroying any evidence in the event the fashion police might have a warrant out for my arrest. No, I wasn’t an extra on Starsky and Hutch; just enjoy a piece of history. I actually had a variety of these Leisure Suits, as they were called; yellow, light blue and this dark blue. One of the benefits of having a leisure suit was the ability to work the Carnival at Midway when one of their hawkers got sick. “Step right up and let me guess your weight and age…”

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