Friday, December 14, 2007

My Bishop will be so happy…

Al the Old Whig had another “test” along with an icon showing his score. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, haven’t since I joined the Church back in 1978 so how come I got a higher score than Al? Even before I stopped I wasn’t what I’d call a heavy drinker. Lucy and I had a small liquor cabinet with a bottle of this, that and the other as a social requirement for those who might wish to wet their whistle while wandering. After we joined the Church we gave those bottles away; they were the same bottles we’d started with, many unopened.

I’ll admit to a few wild hairs back when I was in the Army Reserves, back before getting religion. I’d set aside one night while away at the two week Summer Camp assignments for getting totally smashed. I did make sure to have some friends close by to keep me from getting into trouble; yea, that’s what they were for. I tried calling Lucy while in such a state with the help of the telephone company operator; she hung up on me, can you believe that?

I’m going to blame my apparent knowledge of spirit beverages on the television quiz show, Jeopardy; my having watched Ken Jennings wiz through the category with flying colors. I did taste a virgin Margarita at Williams and Sonoma and found it agreeable. Why would anyone want to mess it up with alcohol?


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