Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Ancestry Includes Adam and Eve?

I was wandering around the blogoshphere as per my morning ritual and ran across a very short piece by Doug Mataconis, “Quote of The Day: There’s No Way In Hell I Can Vote For This Guy.”

When I say it was short I’m not exaggerating. Mike Huckabee, circa 1990, “It doesn’t embarrass me one bit to let you know that I believe Adam and Eve were real people.”

I had fun thinking up a comment, something to get a grin as I typed, “Does it bother you that the first man was named Adam or the first woman was named Eve or is there some error; perhaps they went by some other names Ricky and Lucy. You got some splainin to do.”

Since then I’ve had to answer a couple of spam callers, one trying to sell insurance, another wanting to fertilize my yard and AT&T telling me how DSL high speed is offered in my area. I guess AT&T doesn’t look at their subscriber lists or they’d know I was already a customer through U-Verse. I’ve already put more into this article than Doug and I haven’t said anything either.

I drove down FM 1960 and saw a billboard advertisement on Lucy, a facial skeleton with implications that this was a fossilized record, possibly the first woman. I couldn’t find an exact copy of the billboard, this link will have to do. Perhaps it represents the “missing link” (lol) I found several other articles on Lucy, some which make the claim that Lucy might have been our oldest ancestor and others, which refute such claims with equally elusive scientific evidence.

There’s no way in hell I can vote for this guy? The idea in the form of a question now lingers as I contemplate the biblical reference to our first parents, Adam and Eve. Is he saying he couldn’t vote for anyone who believes what the Bible says and if so, does that apply to other candidates who also claim to be Christians?

I took an art course in college, a chance to draw, to be creative and get credit at the same time. I was asked to learn various skills; one was to use an eraser on charcoal to produce “art”. I created an image of a primate and called her, “evE”. This might “prove” something about my thought processes at the time; more likely, it proves I needed to work on my charcoal and eraser skills.

I have no reason not to believe that Adam and Eve were our ancestors, our first parents in a lineage which contain all the children of our Father in Heaven. This is my belief and, if I am not mistaken, is shared by most Christians. I wouldn’t hold such a statement against Mike Huckabee; other points in his platform might draw fire, not this particular one.

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