Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Politically Correct Mess

I read about this story quite a while back; but it just won’t go away. FoxNews website reports the ongoing saga of the Hoboken SWAT team encounter with some waitresses from Hooters.

“The city's SWAT team was disbanded in November after officials learned of racy pictures taken during a trip team members made to the New Orleans area in 2006 to help Hurricane Katrina victims. The photos show the unit's commander and other officers posing with waitresses from a Hooters restaurant in Alabama who appeared to be holding police firearms.”

Let me see if I understand this; the Hoboken SWAT team volunteered to go down to New Orleans to help during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they had party to blow off steam with some cute waitresses, pictures were posed and snapped showing everyone having a good time, nobody was slapped around or shot and somehow this is an embarrassment to the City of Hoboken, New Jersey. I’d have to file this under, “Give me a “honkin” break!”

While it may have been a less than stellar decision to pose for the pictures, the idea of making this into more than an internal investigation followed by letters of reprimand to each of the officers shows how intolerant our society has become on minor issues while turning a blind eye to real scandals. The news media has played this into an event worth a fortune; not interested in the outcome as long as viewers and readers continue to make it profitable. I suppose as long as the SWAT team is diverting all the attention the real scandals in New Jersey won’t be remembered, the parking garage scandal, the medical center fiasco or that deal with Ms. LiCausi which makes the stink from broken sewers smell like a spring flower arrangement.

I guess going to New Orleans and having fun on Bourbon Street is scandalous by nature; isn’t that what going there is all about, have a good time doing things you can’t do almost anywhere else? Of course, if you’re there to work you can’t do that sort of stuff on your off time. This looks more like a Saturday Night Live skit and I’m waiting for Church Lady to scold the entire police department, “Goin’ straight to Ha-el”, heavy accent on Ha-el”.

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