Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Invisible Fence

FoxNews website has given an update on the border security measures being implemented along our border with Mexico. There appear to have been some technical issues preventing parts of the fence intended to keep out illegal aliens and other undesirables such as terrorists attempting to gain access to our nation.

“Agency officials, testifying Wednesday before the oversight panel of the House Homeland Security Committee in Washington, D.C., said plans to expand the system to the Yuma, Ariz., and El Paso, Texas, areas will be pushed back three years to 2011 because of technological deficiencies.”

Reliable sources; isn’t that the way the New York Times avoids hammering down a real person, reliable sources have indicated the problem stems from the inability of workers to attach the invisible chain link fencing material to the invisible poles which were sunk into the soil with invisible concrete. One little boy embarrassed Homeland Security officials by claiming the King had no clothes and was immediately deported. My mistake for translating that last line; it was supposed to read, “We don’t need no stinking fence.”

This is simply another excuse for our government to avoid following the will of the people. Our elected officials continue to ignore the fact that roughly 70 percent of those polled want the border fence and yet they feel it’s more important to investigate whether or not certain baseball players did or didn’t use growth hormones to achieve better results. Read my lips, “Build the fence!”

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