Monday, February 04, 2008

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2008

I’m not a big football fan; but I watched the game and enjoyed every minute right up to the last few seconds when the final outcome was realized and the New York Giants won. Each year millions of dollars are spent launching advertisement campaigns, each hoping to win the hearts and wallets of consumers locked in as captive audiences around the country. In years past I can recall the lizards and frogs stealing the show as Budweiser produced the winning commercials.

This year had a couple of good presentations; E-trade ( the second commercial ) with the baby sitting at the keyboard talking about how easy it was to buy and sell stocks, FedEx had the pigeons, Budweiser did a remake of the Rocky Theme; but the one that grabbed my vote came in the third quarter of the game. Coke did a Thanksgiving Day Parade with the New York skyline and Central Park. The Coke Balloon sequence got two thumbs up from me. Here’s a link to the rest of this years capitalist ventures.

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